We are Committed to enhancing physical health and overall wellbeing for women.

Bloom is the product of two physical therapists who decided to fill the void in continuity of women's healthcare. From family planning, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and menopause, we understand the process and mechanics of how the body thrives during these significant periods of change. Our approach is individualized and patient-centered, with the goal of maximizing outcomes, using integrative methods to create a comprehensive program. 

Our Mission

To promote women's wellness during life transitions, from preconception to postpartum and on through menopause, using education, manual therapy, therapeutic training and mindful empowerment. 

Grace Abruzzo PT, DPT, CD(DONA), PYT-c   -   Co-Founder

I earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Andrew Taylor Still University of Health Sciences, a program that promotes holistic wellness through mind, body, and spirit. I exemplify this approach for every one of my patients and feel dedicated to helping women lead fuller and healthier lives. I am a DONA certified birth doula, which allows me to provide continuity of care through the pregnancy, birth, and recovery process.  I am also a Professional Yoga Therapist Candidate and use medical yoga as a modality in creating individualized treatment programs. As a wellness advocate and physical therapist, I believe my role is to inspire, educate, and empower women to realize their health potential. 

Certification of Achievement in Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy (CAPP-OB)

American Physical Therapy Association's CAPP-OB is awarded to physical therapists who have completed a comprehensive education, training, and testing program for management of pregnant and postpartum patients experiencing musculoskeletal dysfunction and high risk pregnancy.

Specialized coursework:

  • Fundamentals in Pregnancy and Postpartum June 2015
  • Advanced Topics in Pregnancy and Postpartum June 2015
  • Pelvic Health Level 1 June 2015
  • Clinical Pattern Recognition for Low Back Pain September 2015
  • Ethics in Women's and Men's Health September 2015
  • Evidence Based Examination and Treatment of the Pelvis January 2016
  • Spinning Babies February 2016
  • Professional Yoga Therapy Modules 1-8 February 2016
  • Pelvic Health Level 2 March 2016
  • Home Birth Cesarean March 2016
  • Sex and Sexuality in Physical Therapy Practice March 2016
  • Pelvic Health Level 3 April 2016
  • Gynecological Visceral Mobilization June 2016
  • Pilates: History, General Principles, and Precautions July 2016
  • Introduction to Pilates for Rehabilitation July 2016
  • Pediatric Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation October 2016


Katie Fair PT, MPT   -   Co-Founder

I specialize in the treatment of pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunctions, painful intercourse, pregnancy related issues/pain, pregnancy perineal preparation, postpartum complications, postural problems, as well as perimenopause and menopause related changes. 

I truly love my job and am about passionate about women's health. My belief is that women should be able to experience life's transitions as gracefully as possible. I would be honored to help you in your journey.

I graduated with a B.S in Biology from Sonoma State University, Magna Cum Laude and with Department Honors. I earned a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy from California State, Long Beach. I received the Graduate Student Honors Award and was included on the Dean’s List of University Scholars and Artists. I have furthered my education with extensive women’s and pelvic floor coursework. 

I focused on women’s health due to personal experiences that demonstrated this need. I was surprised that relatively few physical therapists have specialized training in this area and was excited to learn more about it. After my additional training and work with patients, I knew I had my found my dream job. 

But, as John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." This certainly proved true for me. 

After trying for over a year to conceive, my husband and I realized we needed help. We saw a reproductive endocrinologist (RE), who recommended in-vitro fertilization (IVF) so we could have the baby we so desperately wanted. After much research, I learned that physical therapy could help improve my chance of conception. I started looking for someone to treat me but could not find a qualified therapist in the County of Los Angeles. Nevertheless, with the help of my acupuncturist and RE, I successfully made it through IVF, despite the wide variety of uncomfortable side effects. I gained invaluable insight into the importance of helping women deal with these challenges.  Bloom is pleased to announce that our infertility treatment program will start in July 2016.

We are all at different places in our lives, and each of us has truly individualized needs. I am here to help you navigate yours. 

Specialized coursework:

  • Pelvic Health Level 1 – July 2014
  • Physical Therapist Management of Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain – January 2015
  • Women’s Health Summit – March 2015
  • Myofascial Release for Pelvic Dysfunction – April 2015
  • Fundamental Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy – July 2015
  • Pelvic Health Level 2 – July 2015
  • Pelvic Health Level 3 – November 2015
  • Gynecological Visceral Manipulation – June 2016

Honors and Awards: 

  • 2013 Graduate Dean's List of University Scholars and Artists Award from California State University, Long Beach College of Health and Human Services ‬ 
    • Awarded for academic excellence to the top 1% of all graduate students‬
  • 2013 Graduate Student Honor Award‬ from California State University, Long Beach College of Health and Human Services‬ 
    • Awarded for academic excellence and extracurricular involvement‬
  • 2008 Graduated Magna Cum Laude and with Department Honors from Sonoma State University
  • 2007 Recipient of Erin Fisher Scholarship at Sonoma State University for academic excellence and extracurricular involvement
  • 2006 Nomination for Women Student Leader of the Year from Sonoma State University
  • 2005 Sonoma State University Movers and Shakers Leadership Award
  • 2004-2008 Sonoma State University Student Service Recognition
  • 2004- 2008 - Sonoma State University’s Dean’s Honors