Medical Therapeutic Yoga

There are two types of pains, one that hurts you, and the other that changes you.

What is Medical Therapeutic yoga?

Medical Therapeutic Yoga is the practice of yoga in medicine, rehabilitation, and wellness settings by a licensed health care professional who is completing or has graduated from the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute (PYTI) program and has been credentialed as a Professional Yoga Therapist-Candidate or Professional Yoga Therapist.

Our Mission...

PYTI provides partnership-based post-graduate and graduate level education in medical therapeutic yoga to transform health care in the United States and abroad.

  • Using yoga and medicine together provide a more comprehensive and thoughtful approach that treats you as an individual, not as a diagnosis code.
  • Using yoga and medicine together provide long-term solutions instead of short-term 'quick fixes."
  • Yoga delivered by health care pros can help you avoid surgery and pharmaceuticals through providing a more natural, sustainable, holistic approach that is supported by science.
  • Yoga delivered by a medical professional allows for safe, effective delivery of integrative medicine, because they are able to understand and apply east-west medicine at a more critical level.
  • Yoga delivered by a medical professional can be individualized for acute and chronic medical conditions.  Ask your health care provider about yoga as medicine.
  • PYT is a proven method for providing optimal health care.  Health care professionals are able to prescribe yoga and oversee programs within their own facility, conducted and closely supervised by their own professionally trained medical staff.